Bring on the fun – Let’s build a pool!

On a hot summer day, having your own swimming pool is an absolute boon. And more than a way to beat the heat, it offers relaxation, exercise, fun times and bonding with family members and good friends. It’s no wonder many people decide to have swimming pools installed on their properties rather than seek out public pools in their area.

Swimming pools come in a great variety of sizes and shapes, but they all work on the same basic principles. More than just a huge basin of water, a swimming pool supports a system of filtration and chemicals that continually cleans the large amount of water it contains to keep it suitable for swimming. Among the major parts of aswimming pool are a basin, a motorized pump, a filter, a chemical feeder, drains, returns and plastic plumbing connecting it all together. Water is pumped from the pool through the filters and chemical treatment and back to the pool, cleaning it of dirt and microorganisms.

There are a number of techniques currently used for pools installation, above-ground pools being the most affordable and easiest to build. Many above-ground pools come in kits which can be put together even without expert help. They generally involve preparing a flat area of ground, assembling the perimeter and outer wall, laying plumbing, attaching a vinyl liner and hooking up a pump and filters.

Among the different types of swimming pool installation, homeowners should know that in-ground installations are the most durable. There are several options if you wish to go this route. Fiberglass pools are molded offsite into the desired shape, then lowered into an onsite excavation where plumbing has been laid. Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are structurally similar to above-ground pools, with a vinyl lining attached to a perimeter wall of metal, plastic or wood, but are installed in a hole.

A popular in-ground option, gunite pools involve excavation, then placement of plumbing and a framework of rebar over which gunite is sprayed to desired thickness then smoothed. A finish of tile, aggregate or fiberglass can be applied. This technique makes for a highly durable pool. Whatever type of swimming pool you decide to have installed, get a company that also provides swimming pool maintenance. There are no shortage of specialists who will be happy to take the task of maintenance of your hands and make sure your pool is always clean and in working order.